Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Favorite Movie Quote

Oh, this is hard. I have a ton of "favorite" movie quotes. Maybe that reflects on my own inability to come up with good stuff myself. I don't know.

One of my all time favorites comes from the John Wayne movie Big Jake. Towards the end, in the face-off with the men who kidnapped his grandson he repeats the phrase: "Now you understand: anything happens, anything at all, your fault, my fault, nobody's fault, it don't matter, and I'm going to blow your head off, simple as that." The reason I love that quote so much has nothing to do with the movie. One of my favorite insights into the healing power of the atonement relates to a modification of that quote as repeated by the Savior. "Now you understand this: anything happens, anything at all, your fault, my fault, nobody's fault, it don't matter and I will fix it through the atonement if you come unto me, simple as that."

As I'm thinking, a lot of my favorite movie quotes come from John Wayne movies. Also from Big Jake, in response to people saying that they thought he was dead: "Not hardly!" From the old rancher in Rio Lobo: "Aren't ya glad you brung me along?" From True Grit: "Mister Rat, I have a writ here that says you are to vacate the premises and I'm serving you."

I love the Karate Kid trilogy. From Karate Kid III, after Mister Miaggi has thumped all three bad guys he mocks Mr. Silvers with "Waaa, waaa, waaaa." It's a less usable quote, but "funny as hell!"

Which brings me to the person I quote most often. Jeff Dunham. (to which I would always add: "Jefafa Dunn HAM dot com!" Peanut is true to his quote "funny as hell!" But my all time favorite Jeff Dunham character is Achmed. From "I have so many problems" to "No, there's more" to "what the hell is poliosis?" and "Hey, I could have Clay Aiken!" He's hilarious. It's so funny that I think of each character as being funnier or less funny than Jeff Dunham himself. It's like his own line where he tells two of his puppets to stop talking in Spanish because "I don't speak Spanish." To which his puppets just stare at him. Anyone reading this and not familiar with Jeff Dunham should definitely YouTube him for more.

My First Kiss

So, My first kiss was with my wife. A long time before we were married. Although I had a couple of mission companions who were determined not to kiss a girl until they were across the altar from their wife. I think that is just plain silly.

Anyway, my wife and I were sitting on my parents' couch watching Elder Eyring's CES fireside. We'd been dating for a couple of weeks. I had my arm around her and I just had this urge to reach down and kiss her. So I did. It was a little more than a peck, but not much. I really can't remember the first time we really kissed. My wife and I did kiss quite a bit before we were married and I never really believed that French Kissing is a sin before marriage. A couple needs to be careful so they don't go further than they should.

Anyway, my wife thinks it's hilarious that she was the first person I kissed. It makes more sense now that she knows about my SSA. I think it's kinda cool.