Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Great News!

So, I'm pretty pumped. Last Sunday my disciplinary council reconvened. I'm back in full fellowship! It feels really good. It just feels right, and there is such a peace knowing that I am right with the Lord. I got my temple recommend and went to the temple last Wednesday. It's funny how after a year of life changing experiences that completely changed the way I look at life, the temple ceremony also changed. It was totally different from the last time I went. So, nothing about the ceremony actually changed, but it was a completely new experience looking at it through different eyes.

Church discipline isn't easy or fun, but it is an inspired process. And totally worth it!


ThoughtsFeelingsInstincts said...

Did you see this? I'm curious if it happened to you, too, and whether you are/were aware of it.


K. L. said...

I have heard/read about the policy. I did not have any experience with it, as my homosexual activity was not repeated. I have since served in callings with children and youth. I personally believe the policy of annotation is not as hard and fast as some might believe. There is lots of room for Priesthood Leaders to act out of their own judgment.