Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Committee for Idaho Firesides

I've posted this elsewhere, but thought I'd try it here as well.

About a year ago, I felt a need to be a part of a support group. Unfortunately there were no support groups in Idaho. So, the prompting came to take the initiative and organize a support group here in Southeast Idaho. Over the past year we have had a number of individuals join the group. I hope it has been helpful to them, as I believe it has.

Over the past couple of months I have felt a similar prompting to organize a fireside similar to what has been done in Lehi and in Logan. Also, I have felt that many individuals, including priesthood leaders, here in Idaho would benefit from the type of information and support available at the annual Evergreen Conference in Salt Lake City. However, distance and cost are definitely a significant obstacle to many. Evergreen has suggested a mini conference for those who live some distance from SLC.

I am determined to follow through with this prompting. At the same time I freely recognize my own limitations of wisdom, creativity, and time among many other shortcomings. I don't know a great many things about this endeavor, such as where or how often we ought to put on firesides, if the mini-conference would be in conjunction with a fireside, an independent event, or a sort of kick-off to the firesides, I really don't know what the mini-conference would look like or what it would include. And that's just a sampling of what I don't know. In light of that acknowledgment, I am hoping to recruit individuals who would be willing to assist in planning and putting on something like this.

I'm pretty sure that my stake president would be willing to allow us to use our stake center and I have contacts with LDS Family Services here in Idaho Falls who would likely help us get the word out to Church Leaders. But before I go any farther with the planning, I would really love to organize a committee to get this project underway. If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in serving on the committee or helping in any way, please email me at I am also extremely open to suggestions, questions, or comments of any kind.


Kevin Lindley